We Survived

We survived.

We got to the airport in Sydney over 3 hours earlier than our departure time and were still greeted by a 30 minute queue to check in. After boarding passes, coffee, stupid airport purchases, 2 security checkpoints and a lot of staring at planes on the tarmac, we were on our way.

The flight was long and uncomfortable, but I managed to watch “Blue Jasmine” (a 1.5 hr long film) in bits over the course of 13 hours with an almost-2-year-old sporadically stretched out over the top of me. I also managed to eat three airplane meals, a bag full of homemade snacks, and a Weis bar (mango/cream)!

Just putting it out there, I reclined my chair only VERY minimally during the flight. I know it’s allowed, but I feel bad doing it. Also putting it out there that every time the curtain to the premium economy section flapped open I gave a long hard evil glare – which by the way must have looked very scary in the dim light of the cabin.

We got to LAX (world’s grossest airport), walked 25 minutes to transfer to another terminal (which is both stupid and cruel) and then flew to San Francisco where we began our sojourn. 

Lots of emails and details being typed and confirmed in these first few days of our stay. Tour begins SOON. Excited!

Mr. P


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