They’re called the “Tap Dancing Christmas Trees” and yes, it certainly was as scary as it looks.

In other news, I got an American phone number, but I’m not telling you what it is. Seems fair. If I genuinely know who you are, feel free to ask me for it. I still may decline.

The Very Wordy Tour preparation is heating up. My clothes are at the dry-cleaners, I’ve been cutting out hundreds of bow-ties and I’ve been filling up my giant pencil case! Yes, the famous oversized-red-leatherette-pencil-case-with-letter-slots will be at EVERY show. Domestic flights are booked, car rentals confirmed, equipment organised, and I’ve got a finalised tour schedule. This tour is a HUGE endeavour which is sort of like a big finale to a year of promoting the Smiley Face Sticker album.

Remember that throughout the Hanukkah and Christmas gift giving period, the album and all merch has free shipping when you purchase at so get clicking those fingers, and subsequently tapping those toes.

Happy holidays!


Mr. P


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