Eat. Sleep. Something for the kid to do. Eat. Sleep.

Sometimes travelling is just about planning out three meals each day, and then finding things to do around those meals. Travelling with a toddler is pretty much the same, although add in nap times, and substitute “finding things to do” with “finding things the kid wants to do”. Restful holidays pretty much go out the window when there’s an almost-two-year-old attached at the leg (literally).

HAVING SAID THAT, travelling with a toddler whilst fitting in a multi-city tour of a family music show on a budget, and acting as my own roadie… means my wife has to be a selfless superwoman of a mum, and I’d like to publicly thank her for being so incredibly supportive of this tour. There is no way on earth I could do this without her.

HAVING SAID THAT (AGAIN), I’ve been a little quiet, and will continue to do so, because I am taking a few days off to spend some quality time with my family.

Quick re-cap: I’m 5 shows down and 8 to go! Highlights have been; teaming up with Andy Z at Santana Row, where we played Backwards Alphabet together (!!) to a cinema foyer full of mommy’s and kids, playing for over 100 at Palo Alto Children’s Library, playing at Play! (there’s an exclamation mark for a reason!), flying down to LA to play at Dragonfly DuLou where I performed in an awesome courtyard to brand new fans (and some old friends and their kids) and got to chat to the super awesome owner of the shop, Kirk Baltz.

Here’s some pictures from the trip so far!

We’re in the “choo-choo” phase right now, so we went on the steam choo-choo.


Andy Z!!


Christmas lights!

photo 1-2

Dragonfly DuLou!


Palo Alto Children’s Library!!



mr-palindrome-family-play-los-altos mr-palindrome-play

Mr. P


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