What the FFF?

Fun For Fatties?

Four Free Foxes?

Faux Friends Forever?


Lately I’ve been posting about a challenge for parents of this current digital age, along with somewhat annoying pictures of three F’s. What’s that all about? I will be shutting off my Facebook for the month of February, and having a FACEBOOK FREE FEBRUARY.

Recently there have been countless blogs and articles circulating the parenting world talking about the effects of having social media and smart(ass) phones in our lives as we parent our kids. The bottom line is that Facebook and other social media are getting in the way. Sure, we claim that some of the best reasons for having social media is to let grandma who lives in California see up to date images of the little tikes growing up in Australia, and so that we can easily and instantly tell our friends and loved ones about the first time our child poops in the toilet (this actually happened yesterday, btw!) … but if we step back for a moment, it’s very easy to see that it is simply getting in the way.

We are snapping photos (and adding filters) of our kids as they eat their first birthday cake, instead of watching with our own eyes. We are ignoring our kids to post about how our kid is having a tantrum, instead of giving them a hug and calming them down. We are taking videos of our new baby’s every giggle, instead of giggling with them. We are watching in anticipation how many likes we get, and not at how many steps they’ve taken. We are flipping through people’s comments of the photos we’ve taken at the zoo, instead of asking our child questions about the monkeys and the elephants and the birds we saw together. We are checking our emails and tweeting absolute nonsense instead of looking straight into our children’s eyes and telling them one more time that we love them to bits.

I use Facebook for personal use and for my business, and even though I’m ashamed to say that I will miss that world for a whole month, I am more ashamed to admit that I’m yet to realise exactly how much of my child I would miss during this month of February had I not taken on this challenge. I’m going to see more of my child’s smile, hear more of my child’s laughs, watch her get upset and be quicker than ever to make her feel better again.

There are just two more days until I have a Facebook Free February. I’m not really telling you all this to show off or say all this nice stuff or make you feel bad. I’m actually asking that you join me. Take 28 days away from Facebook, and if you’re reading this and February has already begun, then start at this very moment that you’re in.

Mr. P

Mr. Palindrome is a songwriter and performer for kids living in Sydney. Check out his music at mrpalindrome.com and keep up to date by liking him on FB (ironically) facebook.com/misterpalindromeHe’s also a dad to his 1- year old daughter and husband to a girl from San Francisco he met whilst studying at Berklee School of Music in Boston.


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