Mr. Palindrome is a songwriter and performer for kids. Check out his music at mrpalindrome.comHe’s also a dad to a 1 year old girl and husband to a San Franciscan girl he met whilst studying at Berklee School of Music in Boston. 

After completing his studies in Massachusetts, Natan (Mr. P) left  to thaw in the beautiful weather in Berkeley, California, where he recorded, produced and independently released his first full-length original album, entitled Outside.

Natan then moved to Sydney, Australia with his wife Lili, where he now resides. In Sydney, Natan works as an orchestrator and copyist for Jigsaw Music. Natan is also the Assistant Choirmaster at Central Synagogue, and the musical director/conductor of various ensembles in the Sydney area. Natan also performs as a singer/songwriter, both as himself, and his alter ego Mr. Palindrome.

Natan and Lili currently live in Sydney with their daughter, Ayala, who was born on a perfectly palindromic date 21/2/12.


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