Infant On Board

My wife and I are about to embark on a 15 hr flight with our almost 2 yr old daughter in luxurious economy. We’re equipped with 15 small bags of snacks and 15 brand new cheap toys. The plan is to take each hour at a time. We have no idea what we’re in for, though we figure it’ll be brutal.

I’ll be blogging over the next few weeks during my Mr. Palindrome USA tour about travelling with an almost two yr old. As well, I’ll be updating you on the progress of my shows through out the LA, San Francisco/Bay and Portland areas.

See you on the other side!


Mr. P




Things I want to do better tomorrow.

Inspired by that feeling you get when you have the idea to do something different, and then you do it, and then you feel really good…

Things I want to do better tomorrow:

1. Wake up earlier.
2. Respond to my daughter faster. Continue reading